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Gretor Lakeburn







Christine Aube

Professional & very efficient! We loved our home but were ready for a change. We decided to rent it and to purchase a new property. We were fortunate enough to quickly find interested tenants who signed a lease agreement right away and were to move in on September 1st. That was wonderful! We jumped up and down happy in front of the new adventure ahead of us. The next day, reality kicked in: we had 11 days to move out of our 15 year + home! We had to find a new and perfect place, put a bid on it and hope for the best! 11 days! I nearly lost it! Then I tried to rationalized. We sat down in front of our computer and searched with purpose the mls website. Then, the first name that came to mind was Diane Boulay. Why? Because as a Real Estate agent a few years back, she had help us stage our house to get it ready to sell it. But our needs changed and we ended-up keeping it. I recalled her dedication, her drive to get us to visit the right properties, providing us with various informations to enlighten our decision. She even painted in that house back then to help us! So we called her and explained our dilemma. Diane came to the rescue! She met these unique challenge getting us to visit 6 property the following day. The 2nd one was THE ONE. We decided to put a bid on it that same evening (because clearly we needed to move quick!) and to spare you the details, because of Diane Boulay's support, continuous encouragements and professionalism, we now live in our lovely new home since 1 happy year and don't regret one single thing! Diane is the lady I will contact when I decide to sell. She is informed and, well... really efficient! Thanks Diane!


Wheelchair accessibility is a priority in our search, Thanks to Diane's patience, understanding and commitment to find us not just a house but a home to suit our needs. With Diane we didn't just gain a great home and a trusted realtor but a friend too."

RĂ©mi Goupil